Sand Creek

A pretty cool ride with a lookout over Tie Lake and Kootenay Lake, ride up a series of switchbacks to about 6500 ft, then do the loop up Little Sand, behind the Fernie Ski hill’s Lizard range, and back south down Big Sand creek.  There’s one washout up Big Sand that is pretty snug, I don’t think you would get a side-by-side through.

Lots of Huckleberries in early September, and lots of purple bear-scat.



  • Length : 71.31km
  • Positive Z : 2150.59m
  • Negative Z : -2157.68m
  • Z min : 866.77m
  • Z max : 2057.36m

*Please note our trail maps are 8 to 10 years old. Logging and new roads mean they may no longer be accurate. We are hoping to update our GPS tracks this summer.

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