ATV Safe Riders Course


This new program is the only one now recognized by the All Terrain Quad Council of Canada.

It is as well the only one now supported by the Canadian Off Highway Distributors Council of Canada.

If you would like to be an Instructor, contact Gordon Galloway.

250 865 2674 or

The instructors’ course is four days in length if a safe riders course has been completed.

Canada Safety Council certified ATV Safe Riders courses are now available through the Elkford ATV Club.

Our club has one certified member to teach the safety course. The Instructor schedules courses independently from our club. We will post information about Safety Courses on our Event page and Facebook page. Safety training is highly recommended for both novice and experienced riders, and you will get a discount on your future liability insurance.

Course Details

This is a 5 ½ – 7 hour course.

Helmet, over the ankle boots, long sleeve shirt, pants, eye protection, riding gloves, and a quad with 3 or more low-pressure tires and a single seat that you straddle and control with handlebars.  ATV must be in good working order.

Training is available for kids starting at age 6 and up with parental consent.

  • 6-11 yr old less than 70 cc
  • 12-15 70cc up to 90 cc
  • 16 older greater than 90cc

A maximum of 8 riders can be trained and certified at one training session.  Cost per is $65 per member person.

Next Course

Please see our events page for time and place of the next course.