Munroe Lake – Harrison Creek

This route from Elkford to Munroe Lake is considered advanced because it goes over the Crossing Creek / Koko Claims trail.  There are a number of very steep hills on this route and possibility of catching a rock or missing a deep rut or rock jut, we’ve had people rollover on club rides.  However if you’re careful and with experienced riders who will help you through this ride can be completed safely by an intermediate rider.

Please do not double on this ride unless you have a long wheel-base machine



  • Length : 61.88km
  • Positive Z : 1761.02m
  • Negative Z : -1736.86m
  • Z min : 1289.75m
  • Z max : 2051.11m

*Please note our trail maps are 8 to 10 years old. Logging and new roads mean they may no longer be accurate. We are hoping to update our GPS tracks this summer.

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