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*Please note our trail maps are 8 to 10 years old. Logging and new roads mean they may no longer be accurate. We are hoping to update our GPS tracks this summer.

  • Elkford Crown Atlas (XL) – 83.51km

    This route takes you from the town of Elkford, up the gas pipeline, over Fording Mountain, past Grave Lake, over Crown Mountain, and to the Deadman’s Pass into Alberta

  • White Boar Lake (L) – 62.50km

    White Boar Lake is a Forest Service Rec Site on a classic cirque lake sitting at the head of a glaciated valley. The vertical wall of Mount McKay soaring upward to 2665 m and the remnant glacier at the far end of this lake, provide a spectacular backdrop for campers, anglers and picnickers. A small campsite with tables, fire rings, and a toilet at this easily accessed subalpine lake, makes it an ideal outing for those unable to walk long distances. Stage NW of Cranbrook and ride west past St Mary Lake and Meachen Falls to White Boar Lake, an alpine lake on the Moyie Range.

  • Sand Creek (XL) – 33.67km

    A pretty cool ride with a lookout over Tie Lake and Kootenay Lake, ride up a series of switchbacks to about 6500 ft, then do the loop up Little Sand, behind the Fernie Ski hill’s Lizard range, and back south down Big Sand creek.  There’s one washout up Big Sand that is pretty snug, I don’t think you would get a side-by-side through. Lots of Huckleberries in early September, and lots of purple bear-scat.

  • The Notch (XL) – 93.05km

    Stage at Fernie on the Coal Creek FSR where the pavement turns to gravel.  Head east and then turn left heading into Coal Creek Pass.  Turn right on the pipeline and travel south until you come to “The Notch”, a spectacular view point from Flathead Ridge.

  • Marten Ridge (XL) – 48.21km

    Stage from Fernie’s Coal Creek staging area where the pavement turns to gravel on the Coal Creek FSR.  Turn left up Coal Creek Pass and then take the trail up to the old microwave repeater site for a spectacular viewpoint.  Then on to an excellent view over Wheeler Creek from Marten Ridge.

  • Crown Mountain (XL) – 53.75km

    A scenic ride staging near Grave Lake, over Crown Mountain into the Alexander Creek valley and back.  Note that this ride can’t be done by ATV between Sept 1 and Nov 30 due to seasonal closures under the Wildlife Act.

  • Galloway Gap Trail (Big Weary Ridge) (XL) – 47.91km

    Thanks to a strong show of support from the citizens of Elkford in the form of an 800 name petition, and the tireless efforts of MLA Bill Bennett this incredible trail is available to ATV use July 1 through to August 31 each year.

  • Weigert Lookout (XL) – 33.66km

    A scenic lookout trail that tops-out just south of Elkford.  The lookout trail is available for ATV use July 1 through August 31, the remainder of the year it’s closed under the Wildlife Act subject to fines.

  • Munroe Lake – Harrison Creek (XL) – 61.88km

    This route from Elkford to Munroe Lake is considered advanced because it goes over the Crossing Creek / Koko Claims trail.  There are a number of very steep hills on this route and the possibility of catching a rock or missing a deep rut or rock jut, we’ve had people roll over on club rides.  However, if you’re careful and with experienced riders who will help you through this ride can be completed safely by an intermediate rider.Please do not double on this ride unless you have a long wheel-base machine

  • Greenhills Lookout Tower (XL) – 71.34km

    This relatively simple ride takes you up the East side of the Elk River to the lookout tower that overlooks the Fording River valley and mine and the Elk River valley.  The spectacular view from the top is just under 8000 ft.

  • Elk Valley Loop via Power Line (S) – 93.59km

    This ATV trip is a good beginner ride with gentle grades.  The trip starts on the East side of the Elk Valley at McGauley’s staging area, north to Round Prairie, along the power line to the top of the valley around Weary Creek, and then back down the East Side.