Elkford Trails Alliance

The Elkford Trails Alliance Society (“ETA”) was formed in 2020 by a group of volunteers who have a passion for outdoor activity.  The ETA is composed of a Board of Directors, Executive, and membership that is committed to advancing the use and state of Elkford’s non-motorized trail network.



The vision of the ETA is an extensive four-season non-motorized multi-user trail network within and surrounding Elkford.



The mission of the ETA is to increase the non-motorized trail network within and surrounding Elkford by uniting stakeholders to work together on developing shared use trails.



The ETA values inclusivity of all non-motorized trail users, environmentally sensitive trail construction, and advancement of child, youth, and adult non-motorized trail use.



Membership is important in many ways for the community and the ETA:

  • Having your voice and ideas being a part of the future ETA trail networks
  • Membership numbers are used by the ETA to support the need for additional trails
  • Manage agreements with private landowners to support ETA access to private land. These accesses likely would not be permitted otherwise
  • Sense of community – meet likeminded members
  • Sense of ownership over the trail network
  • Discounted entry fees for ETA events (Check back for updates)
  • Maintained winter trail network
  • Fees are required to cover the expenses and insurance for the club to perform volunteer trail maintenance and construction- grants will not cover these expenses

Membership will be on a yearly basis, April 1st to March 31st, and renewal will be April 1st each year.

Membership fees for 2021

  • Adult Individual: $30.00
  • Families: $60.00

How to become a member? (all blue text below are links to the required forms and sites)

  1. Complete the Membership Form (using a program such as Adobe may allow you to fill the form without requiring to print)
  2. Choose payment method (listed in order of preference by ETA)
    1. E-transfer elkfordtrailsalliance@outlook.com
    2. Cash or cheque with completed registration form to the mailing address located on the bottom of the membership form or drop off at the Elkford Visitor Centre
    3. Square- Square
  3. For E-transfer or Square payment, please email completed membership form to elkfordtrailsalliance@outlook.com (Drop off or mail also available if required, please consider saving the paper)


ETA will be looking for volunteers throughout the year. Volunteer help can vary from trail maintenance to event assistance and beyond. Contact the ETA via email or Facebook if you are interested.


Elkford Trail Maps

Visit Trailforks for detailed maps.
Check back often for updates! Help expand the trail network.

Board Members


    • President- Guillaume Goggin
    • Vice-President- Katherine Russell
    • Secretary- Open
    • Treasurer- Charisse D’hamers


    • Trail Planning- Dan Sarkany
    • Trail Construction- Darrin Cook
    • Communication- Colin Standish
    • Event/Fundraising- Lori Lemke





    Elkford Trails Alliance       @elkfordtrailsalliance 

    Additional ETA Facebook groups. Post your activities and invite others to join in:

    Elkford Mountain Bike            Elkford Hiking             Elkford Running Group