Track list

Galloway Gap Trail (Big Weary Ridge)

Thanks to an strong show of support from the citizens of Elkford in the form of an 800 name petition, and the tireless efforts of MLA Bill Bennett this incredible trail is available to ATV use July 1 through to August 31 each year.

47.91 km1322.77 m-393.66 mXL
Weigert Lookout

A scenic lookout trail that tops-out just south of Elkford.  The lookout trail is available for ATV use July 1 through August 31, the remainder of the year it's a closure under the Wildlife Act subject to fines.

33.66 km1195.16 m-701.76 mXL
Munroe Lake - Harrison Creek

This route from Elkford to Munroe Lake is considered advanced because it goes over the Crossing Creek / Koko Claims trail.  There are a number of very steep hills on this route and possibility of catching a rock or missing a deep rut or rock jut, we've had people rollover on club rides.  However if you're careful and with experienced riders who will help you through this ride can be completed safely by an intermediate rider.

Please do not double on this ride unless you have a long wheel-base machine

61.88 km1761.02 m-1736.86 mXL
Greenhills Lookout Tower

This relatively simple ride takes you up the East side of the Elk River to the lookout tower that overlooks the Fording River valley and mine and the Elk River valley.  The spectacular view from the top is just under 8000 ft.

71.34 km1390.43 m-1380.21 mXL
Elk Valley Loop (via power line)

This ATV trip is a good beginner ride with gentle grades.  The trip starts on the East side of the Elk Valley at McGauley's staging area, north to Round Prairie, along the power line to the top of the valley around Weary Creek, and then back down the East Side. 

93.59 km878.40 m-868.55 mS
Burnt Ridge

This route was travelled on the ATV/BC VIP ride in 2004.  It travels from Elkford, through Tembec property (with permission), up the gas pipeline, through Teck Coal Greenhills (with permission), and to the top of Burnt Ridge (also with Teck Coal permission).

44.39 km1172.65 m-1157.62 mXL
Columbia Valley - Steamboat

A fantastic ride with Walter, Verna and the East Kootenay ATV Club (Columbia Valley division). 

Click this link to view photos and track in Google Earth.

70.90 km2017.69 m-1937.66 mXL
Crowsnest to Canal Flats via Elkford

Note:  The route depicted in this ride crosses an Elk Valley Coal Corporation active mining area.  Crossing without permission is forbidden, this is strictly enforced.  An alternative route is to take this track:  

Four Day Ride

We left the Pass 10am on Friday Aug 26, 2005 and returned at 4pm on Monday Aug 29. We traveled from the Crowsnest Pass AB (Atlas Staging Area), to Elkford BC, then to east of Canal Flats BC, and back. 

The round-trip was 468km:

464.87 km5221.91 m-5229.99 mM