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Club ride

Toy Run - Poker Ride

26 Sep 2009 10:00
26 Sep 2009 17:30

The Elkford ATV Club is hosting a toy run and poker ride

ATV/BC AGM & Provincial Jamboree - Elkford

20 Aug 2009
23 Aug 2009
Jamboree Logo

10th Annual ATV/BC Jamboree

August 21-23, 2009

Elkford is hosting the 2009 ATV/BC provincial Jamboree and AGM.

Click here to sign-up.

If you're interested in volunteering, please contact Gordon Galloway at 865-2674.

ATV Club Ride - This Sunday to Munroe Lake

7 Sep 2008 10:00
7 Sep 2008 17:00
We’re holding a club ride this Sunday:
  • When: Sunday, September 7
  • Start: 10:00 am
  • Where: Elkford @ “McGully’s” Meadow
    (across the river from Race Trac Gas)
  • Route: Crossing Creek to Munroe Lake. Approx 50 km

Intermediate Ride (there are a couple of steeper spots)
Non-members welcome

We'll ride over Crossing Creek and Koko Claims to the Bull River valley.  Depending on interest a smaller group may ride further.

Please print a copy of this poster and post at work, at the mall, gas station, union hall, or anywhere ATV riders congregate.

Nine Days of Riding in Elkford

26 Jul 2008 13:00
3 Aug 2008 17:00

We have a few visitors from Manitoba this week, anyone interested in joining us for one of these rides or guiding for one or more days is more than welcome.

The group from Manitoba will be staying at the campground.

Sharon and Andy are arriving Friday July 25 2008.

  1. Sat July 26 2008
    Our visitors will be on a mine tour in the morning.
    We’ll host a short ride to Weigert Creek in the afternoon
    Ride to the lookout second to see our town of Elkford. Return for supper. 70 KM
  2. Sun. July 27 2008
    Trailer to Atlas Creek in Coleman and ride home through Race Horse Pass.
    Our club has obtained specific permission for a one-time guided ride through Greenhills property on Sunday afternoon at 4pm for the return trip so that we can ride directly to Elkford.
    We’ll need drivers to send the trucks home. 100 Km
  3. Mon. July 28 2008
    Take a leisure ride to Elk Lakes, look at scenery 130 KM
  4. Tues July 29 2008
    Ride out of Fernie up Coal Creek, to Marten Ridge, on to the Sparwood Lookout leave Elkford 9.00 am
  5. Wed July 30 2008
    Ride up the west to Weary then up on Big Weary Ridge. On the way home go down the east side up then to the Fording Lookout. 120 KM
  6. Thur. July 31 2008
    Ride over the Crossing Creek pass to the Bull River. There are several options from there.
    White Swan, Blackfoot, Quin, Harrison, Myuk Creek, or other areas.
  7. Fri. Aug. 1 2008
    Trailer to Grave Lake area, Ride over North Fork Pass and return over Deadman’s Pass, up over Crown and back to the trucks. Guessing at 130 KM.
  8. Sat. Aug 2 2008
    Trailer to Fording River bridge, unload ride Grace Creek, Burnt Ridge, Ewing or other areas in that valley. 80 KM.
  9. Sun Aug 3 2008
    Open to suggestions, where would you like to go?

This is only guess work and weather dependant. Or changes any one want to make.

Please contact Gordon Galloway for details

Ride - Weigert Creek Lookout

12 Jul 2008 10:00
12 Jul 2008 16:00
We'll meet at Race Trac Gas at 10:00am, ride south along Trail 1 (Golf Course), along the power line to 7-mile, and cross the Hwy to Weigert Creek.  We'll then ride up to the Weigert Lookout which is open to ATVs July 1 through Aug 31 each year.

Ride - Big Weary Ridge

5 Jul 2008 10:00
5 Jul 2008 17:00

We'll meet at Race Trac Gas at 10:00am and ride up the East Elk road, cross Aldridge Creek and up Big Weary Ridge. This amazing ridge is open to ATVs from July 1 through to August 31 thanks to an extraordinary effort by our club and MLA Bill Bennett.

Click this link to learn more about Big Weary Ridge.


Elk Valley Pitch-in Cleanup

8 Jun 2008 00:00
8 Jun 2008 16:00

Rescheduled to June 8 due to weather.

When: Sunday, June 8, 2008Time: 9am
Where: High-Standard / Race Trac Gas Parking Lot
(Race Trac Gas)
Route: East &West Upper Elk Valley

Join us for a family day of clean-up, north up the valley and back again.

Bring your gloves, truck or ATV, a friend, garbage bags, pack snacks and a drink AND BRING A SMILE!

We'll supply hot dogs, please bring a stick to cook over the fire.

Let's make this the biggest ever!


Elkford ATV Club - Annual General Meeting, Ride and BBQ

10 May 2008 10:30
10 May 2008 19:00
Last year our club grew to 152 members, only half of whom live in Elkford. We now have members distributed throughout Sparwood, Fernie, Elko, Galloway, Jaffray, Wardner, Cranbrook, Moyie, Creston, Wyndell, Marysville, Kimberley, Wasa, Canal Flats, Edgewater, Kaslo, and even six places in Alberta.

To provide the best opportunity for out-of-town members to attend our AGM we decided to hold the meeting in conjunction with a ride and BBQ.
Plan for a great family day of riding, socializing and fun.

ATV/BC Trail Blazers Ride

19 Aug 2008 10:00
22 Aug 2008 17:00

The ride starts at 100 Mile House on Tuesday, August 19, 2008, with overnight tops at Clearwater, Adams Lake, and Seymour Arm. It finishes at Perry River 42 km from Revelstoke) on Friday, August 22, in time for the ride dinner on riday evening and the AGM at Revelstoke on Saturday, August 23, 2008.

EVERY RIDER will need RV support vehicle or tenting and cooking equipment.


ATV/BC Poker Ride 2008 - Princeton

19 Jun 2008 17:00
22 Jun 2008 17:00

Poker Ride 2008 is the social riding event of the year.

What are you doing on June 21st? Where will you be on June 21st? Would you like to win a new ATV? Well then, if you ride an ATV, like to have fun and have a sense of adventure then you had better plan to be in Princeton for the 4th Annual ATV/BC Poker Ride. Start your summer off right with the social event of the 2008 riding season!

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