The new Off Road Vehicle Act is in effect, and the period of warning has passed.

Hello ATV riders, trail bike riders and all Elkford Trail users. Just a reminder to all motorized trail users from the RCMP.

The new Off Road Vehicle Act is in effect, and the period of warning has passed.

What this means for us is that we have to be properly registered, licensed and insured and have an Operational Permit from the RCMP.

If you want to operate an Off Road vehicle (ATV, dirt bike, etc.) on the Elkford Trail System you need to have $1,000,000.00 Off Road Liability Insurance in place. With that in hand you can go to the District office and get a District License plate.

If you want to operate a registered ORV to cross a street or highway you must register, license and insure the ORV. You must purchase the ICBC liability insurance, (we recommend $1,000,000.00 liability), and get a BC license plate. With your Driver’s license and vehicle Registration and vehicle insurance in place you can go to the RCMP Elkford office and ask to get a MV1815 Operation Permit. This allows us to ride from our residence to the nearest trailhead and to cross the streets and highway at controlled crossings at trail/street/highway intersections.

The permits are issued at the discretion of the police department. The police have decided that non-BC residents will not be able to get an Operational Permit; you must be a BC resident with ICBC insurance. The reason explained to us was that the permits are issued under MVAR Section 24 restrictions, and that is what ICBC insurance covers.

You can get everything you need at Western Financial (registration and both types of Insurance). They also sell our Elkford ATV Club memberships. With that, you join ATV BC as well. Both Western Financial and the RCMP Elkford offices are open Monday-Friday, and Western Financial is open on Saturday for 4 hours (Western Financial only has 1 person working on Saturday so that may not be the best time to register and insure a machine).

If you are caught on the trail system or street without all your paper work in order, it could be an expensive experience, and your machine may be seized.

More information on the new Off Road Vehicle Act can be found at the Ministry of Forests, Lands and Natural Resource Operations web site. Click on Off Road Vehicles. There is also a very good FAQ section at their web site.

Murray Haight