Trail Repairs - Big Weary Ridge

10 Aug 2013
11 Aug 2013

We are looking for able bodies to start repairing the wash out to the trail up Big Weary Ridge.

We need winch operators, shovel experts, picks experts, chain saws, and bodies.  Under age 70 is preferred, our wash-out is about eight feet deep. We have some materials on site.  There are some dead trees close by, that may be of assistance.


It may take more than one day depending on the numbers we can get to help.  

For those travelling by truck the road to Britt Creek is good, from there to Aldridge is passable but very rough in spots.  Some trucks are getting through Aldridge Creek now as a cat has gone through.  Your quad is needed for travel up the trail.


We feel we should be able to reimburse fuel, and supply lunch from our project account. ( has to pass at our next meeting)


If you can assist can you let me know by Thursday Aug. 8 2013 so we can schedule for Sat or Sun next week end.

Gordon Galloway