White Boar Lake

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White Boar Lake is a Forest Service Rec site on a classic cirque lake sitting at the head of a glaciated valley. The vertical wall of Mount McKay soaring upward to 2665 m and the remnant glacier at the far end of this lake, provide a spectacular backdrop for campers, anglers and picnickers. A small campsite with tables, fire rings and a toilet at this easily accessed subalpine lake, make it an ideal outing for those unable to walklong distances.

Stage NW of Cranbrook and ride west past St Mary Lake and Meachen Falls to White Boar Lake, an alpine lake on the Moyie Range.


  • Length : 62.50km
  • Positive Z : 981.99m
  • Negative Z : -401.23m
  • Z min : 924.45m
  • Z max : 1671.39m



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