Elkford Tree Removal - Wildfire Protection Plan

The district of Elkford's tree removal contractors will be busy in the forested areas around town this summer beginning in May through to the end of 2009.

"Protecting communities from wildfire is a major objective of the Province of BC following the 2003 Firestorm Report prepared by Gary Filman after the 2003 fires season. Since 2006, the District has been working on a plan to protect the community from damage by wildfire."

"We expect to start the work in May 2009, beginning with units 11, 1 and 9 (see map). Treatments in the initial units should be complete in 2009 with replanting initiated in the highly visible areas where almost all of the trees are removed. Detailed plans will be reviewed with the community once the prescriptions are completed, and the District will hold on-site meetings with interested community members before the work starts. The meeting dates and times will be advertised closer to the dates."

For details of the strategy and specifics of the plan please visit the District of Elkford's Fire and Emergency Services page.