00' summit 700 HM mod part out.

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Joined: 11 Apr 2008

Parting out my summit 700 hm mod due to junk bulkhead and tunnel.

i  have many aftermarket performance parts that need to go ASAP. Many stock parts also.

159" camo challeger. 1 torn lug. $200

Mountain Fit polycarbonate lightweight hood. $250

Mountain machines 8" freedom axel kit. $110

Hymark Roller secondary. $200

700cc series III motor. new spi pistons, new bearings, renic'd cylinders. oil injection delete(have injection parts still).new stator in March, 0 miles on new rebuild. no minutes! Comes complete, carbs, elecrtrical, pipe. Everything to make run! $1200obo

9 tooth extrovert drivers. 1 1/8 drive shaft. $70

 Custom valved HPG shocks by Monster Performance 17"ctc. $300

Gravity Worx Racing extended throttle cables. RSI racing extended brake line.

 6" RSI risers with Bighorn Fatbars. $140

And more.

 email mark_sundstrom@hotmail.com or phone ,Mark at 250-865-2695

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Joined: 11 Apr 2008

I need this motor gone! $1000 takes it. New coated cylinders and honed, SPI pistons, new bearings. all checked out. stator in march. hasnt even been fired yet. almost ready!

 comes with everything to bolt into a sled and rip. clutch, carbs, pipe, electrical.

700 series III.