About Elkford Search and Rescue

Ground and inland water Search and Rescue is conducted in BC by a force of over 4000 highly skilled volunteers. Without the hard work and dedication of these unpaid professionals Search and Rescue simply couldn't operate, leaving the average of 1200 people found each year in a rather tight spot. Everything that happens in a SAR team from administration to logistics to the actual searches is conducted by caring people from all walks of life: mechanics, truck drivers, first aid attendants, business owners... but they all share a common interest: looking out for and safeguarding the lives of others.

The 93 Search and Rescue teams located throughout are a vital resource - even in areas that don't have a great number of calls, when a call does come in there has to be someone there to answer it and be trained to deal with it! Over the past 15 years SAR volunteers have responded to over 11000 incidents, locating and rescuing over 15000 people.

SAR teams respond to a great variety of incidents including missing person searches in the backcountry or urban areas, backcountry and specialized rescues, evidence searches, evacuations, and flood watches. We are normally called out by the RCMP, but also receive requests for assistance from neighboring SAR teams, BC Ambulance, and local Fire Departments and Emergency Management.

For more information on Search and Rescue in BC and the rest of Canada, check out our links page.

Meeting Date:

Last Tuesday of every month at the Elkford Fire Hall, 7:00pm.