Round Prairie Bridge Project

In 2005 we completed a major project to move the existing bridge at Round Prairie. Round Prairie is located just North of Elkford on the Elk Lakes road. We especially thank our project leader Steve Mauriello, the District of Elkford for their encouragement and financial support, the major contractors who donated time, equipment, and materials (SIIL, Nohels, Chatterson Contracting, Turcasso Engineering, and Elk Valley Coal Corporation), and of course Tembec who owns the land on the east side of the bridge.

Here's a photo that explains the problem. Now that the river has changed course the old bridge served no purpose. The society worked with local contractors to move the bridge to the new site. The West landing is on Crown land, the East side is Tembec. Modern standards dictated the use of precast concrete abutments, and design by a registered professional engineer.

Eric Lovestrom and Gordon Galloway standing at the East bank of the new bridge location.

Steve Mauriello explains the proposal to Jim Thorner (Tembec), Greg Sword (Fording), and Gary Lucas (Elkford Cross Country Ski).

This is the new bridge location viewed from the South. The span is 40 metres from bank to bank. We used prefab locking concrete blocks and were able to place them just inside the water's edge. The new bridge overlaps the footings by 2 metres on each end making the total span 44 metres.

This picture shows the existing 37 metre bridge on the existing wooden cribbing and footings.