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Sledding in Elkford

This website is devoted to the trail systems in and around Elkford and the Elk Valley.  Please see the menu on the left for information on the different types of trails, and the associations that maintain them.

Trail Repairs - Big Weary Ridge

10 Aug 2013
11 Aug 2013

We are looking for able bodies to start repairing the wash out to the trail up Big Weary Ridge.

We need winch operators, shovel experts, picks experts, chain saws, and bodies.  Under age 70 is preferred, our wash-out is about eight feet deep. We have some materials on site.  There are some dead trees close by, that may be of assistance.


It may take more than one day depending on the numbers we can get to help.  

ORV Registration & Licensing

Mr. Terry Wardrop
Quad Riders Association of British Columbia

Dear Mr. Wardrop:

Thank you for your insights, hard work and support to help improve off-road vehicle (ORV) management in British Columbia.  A solution has been a long time in the making, and has involved discussions with many people and organizations to identify shared interests and workable approaches for moving forward.

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